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Space for Ukraine: Call for Expertise

It is exactly four months ago today that Russian troops invaded the territory of Ukraine. The war in this country is still ongoing, with no end in sight. Groundstation has been reporting on the use of satellite data technologies in support of Ukraine, right from the first days of the war. Among the developing stories, […]Read More

How Satellites are Managing Wildfires

Spring and summer are the peak seasons for wildfires. Its consequences can be devastating, ranging from significant loss of forest areas and risks to residential areas, to animal deaths and severe air pollution. One of the best tools to monitor these wildfires are satellites. Observing Fire from Space Satellite images and weather data help not […]Read More

Tips and Tools for EO Enthusiasts, Industry News and Updates:

This is the third issue of our monthly digest.  As usual, we make an overview of the news and insights we shared with you this month. #StandWithUkraine At Groundstation.space, we continue to share news and insights about the use of satellite data technologies during the war in Ukraine. This month we talked about Starlink in […]Read More

Earth Observation: Space for Ukraine

From the first days of the invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, we have written about the possibilities of using satellite data technologies to support the people of Ukraine. This week marks three months since the beginning of the war.  Space for Ukraine: the Latest News about Satellite Data Technology During the […]Read More

What is Happening with Starlink in Ukraine Now?

In the now more than 80 days of war in Ukraine we have released two dozen publications on the use of satellite data in wartime. In our publications we provide the latest news and we conduct investigative journalism on topics relevant to space data in Ukraine. One of our storylines is about the implementation of […]Read More

Witnessing the Destruction of Mariupol from Space

Before the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, the city of Mariupol was a steel and machine-building centre stretching along the Sea of Azov, at the mouth of the Kalmius and Kalchik rivers. Today, Mariupol has become the hottest spot in the Donetsk region and is one of the most tragic pages in the chronicle […]Read More

#EUSpace4Ukraine: Call for Aid Workers and Innovators

The #EUSpace4Ukraine initiative was launched last month and continues to collect challenges and solutions. Next week EUSPA is organising a matchmaking webinar between NGOs/aid workers and innovators/app developers working on space based solutions. Aid Workers and Innovators Unite to Help Ukraine  #EUSpace4Ukraine is a new open platform, which aims to match innovators with NGOs and […]Read More

How Space May Help Save the 2022 Agriculture Season in

The war in Ukraine not only causes humanitarian crises and catastrophes. The invasion by Russian troops is having a significant impact on global food security too. Ukraine is the fourth largest producer and exporter of agricultural goods in the world. Much of the region, if not the world, depends on agriculture in Ukraine, farmers being […]Read More

Agriculture from Space

Authors: Katya Rutkovskaya, Remco Timmermans Agriculture is one of the most important application areas for satellite data. Every spring, farmers around the world sow their fields, to grow the food crops that the world depends on for another year. Satellite Data in Agriculture The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) considers remote sensing […]Read More