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Agriculture from Space

Authors: Katya Rutkovskaya, Remco Timmermans Agriculture is one of the most important application areas for satellite data. Every spring, farmers around the world sow their fields, to grow the food crops that the world depends on for another year. Satellite Data in Agriculture The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) considers remote sensing […]Read More

The Latest News about Starlink in Ukraine

A few weeks ago we reported about Starlink in Ukraine. In our article we followed how SpaceX quickly responded to a Ukrainian government call on Twitter to help keep the internet working in strategic locations in war-struck Ukraine. The invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine is accompanied by a huge stream of […]Read More

Eyes on Ukraine: Satellite observations of the war in cities

Straight from the beginning of the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine we talked about the use of satellite data for information about the situation on the ground. Disaster monitoring and management has long been one of the focus points of Earth Observation satellites, both in the context of natural, as well as human-caused disasters. […]Read More

How satellites help cities become smart cities

Smart cities are cities of a new generation. Smart cities provide their citizens a high standard of living and efficient management, thanks to information technology, and based on a lot of data. An important source for this data for cities is space, where many satellites gather data about the world’s cities around the clock. How […]Read More

Starlink is keeping Ukraine connected to the World

A month ago this week, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Watching the course of the invasion almost live, the world was quick to express its solidarity with the Ukrainian people. One of the best examples of this support is the quick response of SpaceX in reply to an urgent request by the Ukrainian government. Bring in […]Read More

Vega launch offers opportunities for Dutch commercial space

More than 50 small satellites were simultaneously launched into space from French Guyana with the Vega Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) on 2 September 2020. It is the first time that a rocket launch by the European Space Agency ESA is entirely devoted to small satellites. There are several Dutch innovations and hardware on board, […]Read More