Turkey’s First International Space Defence Workshop: Cubesat Vision Defense”

 Turkey’s First International Space Defence Workshop: Cubesat Vision Defense”


TUYAD, which has taken action in the belief that we should not be left behind in the race to exist in space, will organise Turkey’s first International Space Defence Workshop under the title “CubeSat Vision Defence”. The workshop, which will be held in Istanbul on 15 May, will be attended by public and private sector representatives from many countries worldwide.

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With the breakthroughs in space and the development of technology, the space race between countries is gaining momentum. Believing that Turkey should stand out in this race, TUYAD (Telecommunications Satellite and Electronics Industrialists’ Businessmen’s Association) is organising Turkey’s first international space defence workshop under the title “CubeSat Vision Defense”. This important event, which will be held on 15 May at Istanbul’s Bostancı Green Park, aims to highlight the importance of space defence and showcase our country’s potential in this field. Public and private sector representatives from around the world will attend the workshop and discuss space defence and security strategies.

While important institutions in the sector, such as Türksat, SAHA Istanbul, Roketsan, Ulak Communication, C Tech, SASAD, and GUHEM, are participating from within the country, institutions such as Intelsat, Contec, QSTC, Distretto Aerospaziale Della Campania, PLD Space, Stardust and GoToSpace are among the international participants.

Efforts to Protect Assets in Space

TUYAD President Hayrettin Özaydın said that the number of satellites developed and launched since 2000 has greatly increased thanks to new space initiatives and cube satellite technologies and that this situation has led to efforts by countries to protect their assets in space.

TUYAD President Hayrettin Özaydın

The United States, China, Russia and some European countries are focusing on protecting their presence in space by developing space forces.  Countries that are increasing the number of satellites and space stations and possessing powerful and expensive space systems are making great efforts to protect these systems and neutralise enemy attacks.  In light of these recent developments, Özaydın believed that Turkey should take its place in this field and increase its space capabilities, stressing that Turkey should take important steps to participate in space studies and attract investors.  At the same time, he stated that Turkey should not be left behind in the field of space defence at a time when space awareness is increasing all over the world and said, “With this awareness, we decided to organise the “Cubesat Vision International Space Defense Workshop”, which will be organised by TUYAD.

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Space defence technologies to be discussed

The workshop will discuss issues such as space defence technologies, secure and sustainable satellite communications and protecting national assets in space. Leading names in the industry include academician Prof. Dr Alim Rüstem Aslan, CEO of Delta-V company and academician Prof. Dr. Arif Karabeyoğlu, astrophysicist Dr Umut Yıldız, Intelsat Vice President Murat Yavuz, QSTC CEO Gurvinder Chohan, Ali Baygeldi of the Turkish Space Agency, Contec CEO Dr. Sunghee Lee and others. Sunghee Lee, SB Global’s Shelli Brunswick, Space Copy Founder Madison C. Feehan, Campania Aerospace Technological District (DAC) Gennaro Russo and 3i3 Signature Founder Philippe Boissat will provide valuable information to participants as panellists and moderators. The workshop, which aims to showcase Turkey’s potential in the space sector and strengthen international cooperation, will bring together space industry professionals, academics and defence specialists.

Prof. Dr Alim Rüstem Aslan, one of our country’s leading scientists, especially in the field of cube satellites, pointed out that these technologies, which can be easily produced thanks to fast development times and affordable costs, reveal threats to existing large-scale, expensive space assets and the need to find a way to prevent these threats. He added: “In this day and age, space capabilities are vital to our national and economic security.

Astrophysicist Dr Umut Yıldız: “There is a lot of work to be done in the field of space in Turkey.

Renowned astrophysicist Dr Umut Yıldız is, in his own words, a born space enthusiast.  “In recent years, access to space has become cheaper thanks to reusable rockets.  As a result, brand-new space companies are springing up like mushrooms in every country in the world.  Turkey should not be left behind and should contribute to the world’s space transformation.  I believe that there is a lot of work to be done in the field of science and space in Turkey.  I support Turkey’s progress in the field of space and find the steps taken in this direction extremely valuable.  The Cubesat Vision Defense Workshop organised by TUYAD will be an important event that will open new horizons for us,” he said.

Led by TUYAD: Workshop on Space Defence Strategies with the Sector’s Leading Supporters

TUYAD, which has been active in the field of telecommunications and satellite communications in Turkey for 23 years and is one of the most important non-governmental organisations in the sector, continues to break new ground and play a leading role in the sector.

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With the strategic support of leading national and international organisations in the sector such as SAHA Istanbul, SASAD, GUHEM, HUKD, HTK, TELKODER, GSOA (Global Satellite Operator’s Association), WTA (World Teleport Association), TUYAD aims to discuss defence strategies in space, countering common threats and international cooperation and invites industry professionals to the workshop to be held on 15 May at Istanbul Bostancı Green Park Hotel.

For more information and to register, please visit https://cubesatvision.com/defence/ .  In addition, you can get updates and information about the event by following the social media accounts @cubesatvision on Instagram and @cubesat-vision on LinkedIn.


TUYAD (Telecommunications Satellite and Electronics Industrialists and Businessmen Association) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 2001 by satellite operators and satellite system manufacturers. It has been working for the development of satellite technologies and markets in Turkey for 23 years.

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