Project Space for Smart Cities

Space for Smart Cities

Creating a market for satellite-based applications

Welcome to the ‘Space for Smart Cities’ project! In this project we are looking into opportunities to integrate satellite-based information services into the smart city environment as well as the barriers holding back market creation. One of our focus areas is public procurement of operational services.

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Space Technologies for Sustainable Infrastructure Enhancement

In today’s world, the role of space technologies in fostering sustainable development and enhancing infrastructure has become increasingly vital. These technologies offer innovative solutions to address challenges related to energy access, climate change, and humanitarian relief operations. The integration of satellite data and communication systems provides valuable insights and tools

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Green City Makers Copernicus Masters 2022 winner

Green City Makers wins Copernicus Masters 2022

At one of the last big space events of 2022 in Rome, Italy, the Copernicus Masters network announced the 2022 competition winners. The overall winner of the competition is Green City Makers, a solution that also is one out of two winners of the 2022 ESA Frontier Tech Challenge. Green

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Smart Cities - Sao Jose Dos Campos - Brazil

What Makes Cities Smart?

In the world of urban development ‘smart cities’ is the buzzword of the decade. This is reinforced by UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11, that aims to ‘make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable’. Space can play an important role in making cities resilient, sustainable and smart.

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