International CUBESAT Vision Conference Debuts in Turkey’s LEO Satellite Scene

 International CUBESAT Vision Conference Debuts in Turkey’s LEO Satellite Scene

In the world of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites visible in the night sky, the CUBESAT Vision Conference focuses on the potential advances they bring to our lives. This international event, concentrating on Close Orbit (LEO) satellites, cubesats, and small satellites, provides a platform for discussing the latest advancements in satellite technology and fostering international collaborations.

Scheduled for 14th December, the conference will take place at the BTK Conference Hall in Ankara, Turkey, under the auspices of TUYAD (Telecommunications, Satellite, and Electronics Industrialists Business Association) and with sponsorship from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, BTK (Information and Communication Technologies Authority).

A Confluence of Expertise

Supported by prominent organisations such as GSOA, SIG, WTA, BTK, SASAD, TAMSAT, HTK, SAHA İSTANBUL, and TÜRKSAT, this full-day conference adopts the slogan “Small Satellite, Big Mission.” It will bring together representatives from both the private and public sectors alongside academics and professionals. Notably, it marks a milestone as Turkey’s first international conference focusing on near-earth orbit technologies.

Speakers of the CUBESAT Vision

Notable speakers at the event include Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Professor Shinichi Nakasuka from Tokyo University, Dr. Alim Rüstem Aslan from Istanbul Technical University, and Dr. Uğur Kesen from Marmara University. Additionally, industry leaders like Gurvinder Chohan, President of QSTC, Muzaffer Duysal, a prominent figure in small satellite design and production, and Murat Yavuz, an industry professional, will share their insights. Leading satellite operators and manufacturers, including Türksat, Intelsat, Eutelsat-OneWeb, Airbus, Tesat, and Hughes Echostar, will also contribute their expertise.

Building an International Satellite Ecosystem

TUYAD Chairman Hayrettin Özaydın stated, “At the Cubesat Vision Conference, we will examine the latest developments in cube and small satellites and explore the opportunities presented by Low Earth orbit. Our goal is to create a platform for the development of technologies in small spacecraft used for communication, observation, research, and defence. By bringing together institutions, organizations, scientists, expert academics, manufacturers, and defense industry pioneers, we aim to establish an international satellite ecosystem centered in Turkey.”

Simultaneous V-SAT Seminar

Concurrently, a V-SAT (GEO and LEO Satellite Broadband Internet) training seminar, sponsored by Skytech and supported by professional chamber presidents from 45 provinces, will be held. This seminar will provide free training on broadband internet installation, commissioning, and servicing for technical service teams and tradesmen working with KA Band satellites in remote orbits. The certification of this seminar, made possible through contributions from Neta, Profen, Türksat, Eutelsat-OneWeb, İşNet, Vsat, and related university space departments and units, will be issued by TÜRKSAT, TUYAD, and BTK Academy. You can register for the seminar here.

B2B Meetings for International Collaborations

The conference is also facilitating B2B meetings in private rooms within the BTK Hall, inviting institutions and organizations interested in collaboration. Application requests for these meetings can be submitted through this link.

Registration and Details

The conference, scheduled for December 14, 2023, at Ankara BTK Hall from 09:00 to 17:00, offers free admission for sector representatives, but advance registration is required. You can register at this link.

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