Project Water-ForCE


New Global Water Watch Platform Available Soon

The new Global Water Watch Platform will make details about global surface water available to everyone for free on the web. This new tool will help to achieve a balanced and more sustainable use of fresh water and to have a better overview in the event of calamities. ‘The Water Management Needs

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Defining the Future of Copernicus Water Services

Horizon 2020 Project “Water-ForCE” is co-creating a Roadmap for the development of the next phase of Copernicus Inland Water Services with the space sector, research community, policy, industry and third sector. This will guide the user community and enhance the uptake of satellite-derived water quality and quantity products. Unprecedented availability

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Webinar on Space for Water Resources

Space for Water Resources

“Water is a vital natural resource without which life would cease to exist. Water conservation and resources management represent some of the most critical environmental issues currently facing humankind. Space technology and applications play a key role in understanding global water cycles, mapping water courses, and monitoring and mitigating the

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Workshop: Stakeholder Input on the Evolution of Copernicus Water Services

April 20, 2021 13:00 CEST | Online | Free registration Water products which are fit for purpose Water-ForCE recognises that it is essential to undertake the next phase of research and innovation in Earth Observation in partnership with industry and policy sectors, to design products which can effectively address our immediate environmental and climate

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Ruimte Voor De Waal Nijmegen (photo: RWS)

Water-ForCE project kicks off

New Horizon 2020 project Water-ForCE (Water scenarios For Copernicus Exploitation) kicked off earlier this week, with strong Dutch input. The Water-ForCE consortium is led by the University of Tartu (Estonia) and consists of 20 organisations from all over Europe, including Dutch organisations dotSpace Foundation, the IHE Delft Institute for Water

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