Tips and Tools for EO Enthusiasts, Industry News and Updates: Monthly Recap of Groundstation.Space | May 2022 edition

 Tips and Tools for EO Enthusiasts, Industry News and Updates: Monthly Recap of Groundstation.Space | May 2022 edition

This is the third issue of our monthly digest.  As usual, we make an overview of the news and insights we shared with you this month.


At, we continue to share news and insights about the use of satellite data technologies during the war in Ukraine. This month we talked about Starlink in Ukraine and did overviews of satellite images that captured the consequences of the war. We are also reminded about the possibilities that you can take to help the people of Ukraine.

150,000 Active Users and an Office in Ukraine – The Latest on Starlink in Ukraine

#EUSpace4Ukraine: Call for Aid Workers and Innovators

Witnessing the Destruction of Mariupol from Space

What is Happening with Starlink in Ukraine Now?

Earth Observation: Space for Ukraine

#EUSpace4Ukraine: Call for Aid Workers and Innovators

Useful for Earth Observation Enthusiasts

Sinergise Sentinel Hub EO Browser screenshot (image: EO Browser)

This month we have prepared a lot of content that may be useful for earth observation enthusiasts. Review writings, webinar recordings, and sets of valuable tools – we have created these and other pieces independently and cooperated with other people and organisations.

EO Made Easy: Comparison of Sentinel Hub EO Browser and Nimbo Maps

Interpreting SAR Satellite Images

Meet ONDA DIAS: Watch the Introduction Webinar

4 New Technologies in Agriculture That Are Helping Farmers

The role of space in driving sustainability, security, and development on Earth

Industry News and Updates

Czech Space Industry Ecosystem Map 2022
Download the Czech Space Industry Ecosystem Map 2022!

We also observed industry news. Some of them you can find below. Moreover, we have prepared a space ecosystem map of the Czech Republic 2022. This map was made in collaboration with the Brno Space Cluster, whose on-the-ground expertise was of immense service towards portraying as accurate a map as possible.

Space Ecosystem Map of the Czech Republic 2022

Galileo enables safer cycling routes in the Netherlands

Are you comfortable? Monitoring heat stress in cities from space

New Galileo Satellite Enters Service

Past Events and Upcoming Prospects

Space in Schools at GLEC2022
ISU President Pascale Ehrenfreund chairs the space in schools panel (photo: Remco Timmermans)

This May we visited a number of events, both local and large-scale, located on the other side of the globe. We talk about how some of them went through in our publications at the links below.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion survey for the EU Defence Industry, Aeronautics and Space sectors

The SKIES are the limit – Career workshop for astronomy PhD students

Happy First Birthday EUSPA!

Wildlife Forensics from Space

GLEC2022: Opportunities of Space for Emerging Countries

Living Planet Symposium Kicks Off

SKIES Portugal: From Academia to the Rest of the World

EU Global Action and Space in Emerging Countries

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A Reminder

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