Remco Timmermans

12 Questions about Tropomi

Tropomi is a Dutch-made satellite instrument that examines air quality more accurately than ever. Here are twelve questions about the heart of the Sentinel-5P Earth Observation satellite: What is Tropomi? Tropomi is a satellite instrument that studies air quality worldwide and more accurately than ever. Tropomi orbits the earth for 100 minutes and at an […]Read More

Need for Space in EU Green Deal Calls; webinar

Wednesday 30 September 2020 – 16:00-17:00 CET In preparation for the EU Green Deal funding calls, dotSPACE Foundation is organising a free webinar for anyone interested in writing a proposal or being part of a consortium. During this webinar a number of experts will talk about the role of space and space data in the […]Read More

Nine new Dutch Earth observation research projects funded

The Dutch Research Council NWO has awarded funding to nine new research proposals in the area of Earth observation. The new projects will investigate for example geothermal energy, the navigation of songbirds and a historical set of aerial images of the Antarctic Peninsula. The researchers involved will receive the grant from the User Support Programme […]Read More

Vega launch offers opportunities for Dutch commercial space

More than 50 small satellites were simultaneously launched into space from French Guyana with the Vega Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) on 2 September 2020. It is the first time that a rocket launch by the European Space Agency ESA is entirely devoted to small satellites. There are several Dutch innovations and hardware on board, […]Read More

“Everything comes together in Earth Observation”

For three years, Netherlands Space Office (NSO) member Joost Carpay chaired the Earth Observation Program Board of the European Space Agency (ESA). His term ended and he is handing over the baton. It is an important council for the Netherlands and the rest of the world, Carpay thinks: “Earth observation has a lot going on.” […]Read More

Extra Eyes for Water Managers

Dutch water managers take measures to ensure that it is not too dry or too wet. They do this on the basis of their available data on ditches, rivers, quays, meadows, locks, etc. This data is not always up-to-date. Therefore the Dutch government is inviting companies to build a software application based on satellite data. […]Read More

Become a Space Data Expert: Join the Copernicus MOOC

Space data holds the key to tackling some of the main challenges we face here on Earth, but accessing and using it can sometimes be challenging. Join the Copernicus MOOC to learn how you can take on the challenge and harness the power of space data! What is the Copernicus MOOC? The Copernicus MOOC (Massive […]Read More

“When the countdown reaches zero, it is our turn”

Spark plugs for rockets. Simply stated, that is the main product of Aerospace Propulsion Products (APP) of Klundert (Brabant, Netherlands, ed.). Over one hundred Ariane-5 rockets were launched using the ignition system of the Dutch company. Its lesser known Vega launcher was launched sixteen times with the help of APP. “We are doing the coolest […]Read More