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The end of Sentinel-1B?

The situation “does not look very good” for the Sentinel-1B satellite of the EU’s Copernicus Earth observation programme, confirmed European Space Agency (ESA) Director General Josef Aschbacher and Simonetta Cheli, head of ESA’s Earth observation programmes, at the end of the institution’s Council meeting on Thursday 17 March. Official update from ESA This remark came shortly after […]Read More

ESA funds 12 new experiments to fly on OPS-SAT

The European Space Agency ESA announced today that it has funded 12 new experiments to fly on board its OPS-SAT flying laboratory cubesat. OPS-SAT: A Swiss Army Knife in Orbit ESA’s OPS-SAT (short for Operations Satellite) is a Swiss army knife in orbit. The 30-cm 3U CubeSat packs a powerful onboard computer and an array […]Read More

Roadmap for Your Space Career with ESA

It’s not all about astronauts! The European space sector needs people from all educational backgrounds. Thousands of people work on space science, engineering, applications, management, logistics, and everything else! So of course there is a place in space for your career too! Your path to space begins at ESA The European Space Agency ESA offers […]Read More

Sports Event Photography In Seconds, Thanks To Space

Space is no longer just about rocket science. In fact, space has become part of all aspects of our daily life, much more than most people realise. Recently, space has even become an essential part of sports event photography! ESA Business Applications Ambassadors This example was mentioned in a presentation by ESA Business Applications Ambassador […]Read More

Call for Tender: Space for Hydro Energy

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting organisations to propose a plan for a feasibility study of space-based applications for the hydro energy sector. Funding Opportunity Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of the great challenges of the coming years. Sustainable development requires more and better use of renewable energies such as hydroelectric, wind and […]Read More

Vega launch offers opportunities for Dutch commercial space

More than 50 small satellites were simultaneously launched into space from French Guyana with the Vega Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) on 2 September 2020. It is the first time that a rocket launch by the European Space Agency ESA is entirely devoted to small satellites. There are several Dutch innovations and hardware on board, […]Read More

ESA Space App Camp

~ registration closed ~ Huge amounts of data from space, the kind produced by the European Earth observation programme Copernicus and its fleet of Sentinel satellites, offer countless opportunities in connection with mobile applications. The Space App Camp 2020 bring programmers together to develop creative and innovative apps that make Earth observation data – particularly […]Read More

ESA terrestrial enterprise

Last year ESA has launched its downstream gateway, a ‘one-stop shop’ administration for every single downstream opportunity to create links among new and rising business and the abilities being created in ESA programs. While ESA has different projects concentrated on downstream activities that have been operating successfully over the years in line with its space […]Read More

“Everything comes together in Earth Observation”

For three years, Netherlands Space Office (NSO) member Joost Carpay chaired the Earth Observation Program Board of the European Space Agency (ESA). His term ended and he is handing over the baton. It is an important council for the Netherlands and the rest of the world, Carpay thinks: “Earth observation has a lot going on.” […]Read More

Space for business opportunities

Join the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Industry Space Days (ISD) on 16-17 September 2020. No need to travel as the event will be online, so even if you’re not in the space community and are interested to find out what it can offer this is an easy way to find out. ISD is organised by […]Read More