Groundstation.Space at the ESA ESTEC Open Day

 Groundstation.Space at the ESA ESTEC Open Day

On Sunday 2 October 2022 the European Space Agency (ESA) held its traditional open day at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. This is also one of the prime events for the Dutch space industry to show its capabilities to Dutch and European citizens. Of course Groundstation.Space was present in the big NLSpace marquee!

NLSpace at ESA Open Day

The Dutch space industry was well presented at the ESA Open Day, with the biggest pavilion ever built for this purpose! It was used a few days earlier for the ESA Industry Space Days, offering the Dutch space companies plenty of space – pun intended – to showcase its capabilities.

These capabilities of Dutch space companies cover all aspects of the space industry, from the largest rockets (made for example by Airbus in Leiden) to the smallest components and the best Earth Observation companies. The presence of several space recruitment companies, including HE Space, ATG Europe and We Work in Space represented the long list of job opportunities in the Dutch and global space sector these days, in all disciplines of the sector.

Groundstation.Space at ESA Open Day

For the first time in its history Groundstation.Space (or the Dot Space Foundation, as we are officially known) was present at the ESA Open Day, emphasising our place in the Dutch space sector. Even though Dot Space is a B2B type organisation, we were able to tell our story to many of the visitors of the pavilion, attracted by our selfie booth, our ‘I just need more space’ stickers and of course our 800 lollypops.

Some impressions of the day:

See you again at ESA Open Day 2023!

Based on the success and fun we had at the ESA Open Day this year, we are already looking forward to seeing all of you at the next edition in 2023!

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Remco Timmermans

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