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Space for business opportunities

Join the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Industry Space Days (ISD) on 16-17 September 2020. No need to travel as the event will be online, so even if you’re not in the space community and are interested to find out what it can offer this is an easy way to find out. ISD is organised by […]Read More

ESA Starts phase 2 of TOMCAT

TNO Space expects to empower secure broadband network that will bolster the developing interest for information and increase communication efficiency. TNO has signed an agreement with ESA to demonstrate front line optical innovations for future terabit-per-second telecom satellites.  The TOmCAT project (Terabit Optical Communication Adaptive Terminal) will empower high-throughput laser correspondence between ground stations and […]Read More

Closing data extended ESA Decommissioning of Energy Assets

The decommissioning of energy assets is a relevant issue worldwide.  Two main types of assets are targeted by ESA through this funding opportunity: offshore oil & gas platforms and wind farms. The decommissioning of oil and gas platforms involves activities such as removal of underwater structures and topside platforms; these activities have to be handled […]Read More

NASA, ESA, and JAXA develop COVID-19 Impact dashboard

In light of the worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) have united to utilize the aggregate logical intensity of their Earth-watching satellite information to archive planet-wide changes in nature and human culture. The abundance of these organizations’ aggregate data currently is accessible at the bit of […]Read More

Space2Connect is postponed to Q2 2021

Space2Connect is postponed to Q2 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The new date will be communicated as soon as possible later this year. “Space2connect” is the right event to explore and discuss the emerging space-based solutions to address the challenges and opportunities of today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy.  Giving an outline across the whole satcom upstream […]Read More

Carl Pucci, Ovela Keynote

Carl, of Datel Ovela, presenting a keynote speech at the opening of the Copernicus RoadShow in Tallinn, Estonia October 2019. Carl discusses what EO means to him, the reasons behind Estonia’s leap into ESA membership, and the tremendous advantages to ESA Copernicus platforms and InSAR.Read More

SCN Avatar

Space Campus Noordwijk (SCN) Avatar is the Dutch augmented and virtual reality development centre that focuses on improving space engineering processes and data visualization using immersive technologies. The Avatar is an open innovation workplace that allows its participants to jointly develop tools, services and products by providing the infrastructure, the workspace, the network and the […]Read More

Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow, Darmstadt

An EASME and DG GROW initiative, the Copernicus ‘Eyes on Earth’ Roadshow fosters the development of applications with space data and other geo-information systems; develop the technical and scientific skills needed to work in the space data sector; and encourage citizens’ interest in Earth observation activities. This is done through a series of five highly […]Read More