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Online Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow a great success!

After three successful live Eyes on Earth Roadshow events in Darmstadt, Rotterdam and Tallinn, the Covid-19 situation forced the last edition of the series on 2-3 June 2020 to be held online. A big challenge for the event organisers, but a great opportunity to reach more people from all over Europe, if not the world, […]Read More

Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow Online – Replays

The dotSpace Foundation was one of the organising partners of the Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow Online Edition, the fifth and last in the 2019/2020 series of roadshows. Due to the ongoing pandemic the event was changed from an in-person workshop in Croatia to an online event, combined with the EO4GEO Summit. The recordings of […]Read More

A high precision model of the Earth

The European Commission launched the ‘Destination Earth’ initiative. It will bring together European scientific and industrial excellence to develop a high precision digital model of the Earth. This ground-breaking initiative will offer a digital modelling platform to visualise, monitor and forecast natural and human activity on the planet, in support of sustainable development. This will […]Read More

Carl Pucci, Ovela Keynote

Carl, of Datel Ovela, presenting a keynote speech at the opening of the Copernicus RoadShow in Tallinn, Estonia October 2019. Carl discusses what EO means to him, the reasons behind Estonia’s leap into ESA membership, and the tremendous advantages to ESA Copernicus platforms and InSAR.Read More

Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow, Darmstadt

An EASME and DG GROW initiative, the Copernicus ‘Eyes on Earth’ Roadshow fosters the development of applications with space data and other geo-information systems; develop the technical and scientific skills needed to work in the space data sector; and encourage citizens’ interest in Earth observation activities. This is done through a series of five highly […]Read More