ESA ESTEC virtual tour.

On Sunday 4 October ESA welcomes everybody to take a virtual tour on the ESTEC open days. This virtual tour takes visitors backstage of the ESTEC Test Centre, which is […]Read More

ESA terrestrial enterprise

Last year ESA has launched its downstream gateway, a ‘one-stop shop’ administration for every single downstream opportunity to create links among new and rising business and the abilities being created […]Read More

RWS a data-driven innovator

In recent years, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) has invested millions in innovative work and development of Remote Sensing (RS) technology and services. RS at RWS stands for data collection with various sensors […]Read More

ESA Starts phase 2 of TOMCAT

TNO Space expects to empower secure broadband network that will bolster the developing interest for information and increase communication efficiency. TNO has signed an agreement with ESA to demonstrate front […]Read More

A high precision model of the Earth

The European Commission launched the ‘Destination Earth’ initiative. It will bring together European scientific and industrial excellence to develop a high precision digital model of the Earth. This ground-breaking initiative […]Read More