Miraslava Kazlouskaya

Impact of Covid-19 in the Space Sector

Because of government restrictions to curb the spread of the Covid-19, business operations around the world have been hindered or halted. Innovation and research activities are often the first to be in danger during an economic crisis. Being extra reliant on innovation and research, this means that many start-ups and SMEs are more vulnerable than […]Read More

A Unified Space Governance

We continue to share insights from Space Tech Expo Europe 2021 in Bremen where we visited the Industry and Smallsats conferences, earlier this autumn. Space sustainability was one of the key themes and besides covering sustainable space technologies, one of the expert panels was dedicated to regulatory aspects of this issue.  There are advantages to […]Read More

Towards Space Sustainability

This November we visited the Industry and Smallsats conferences at Space Tech Expo Europe 2021 in Bremen, Germany, where space sustainability was one of the key themes. We learned a lot about agency advances, technological innovation, new launchers, on-orbit servicing, in-space infrastructure construction, and other themes. One of the panels discussed sustainable space technologies and […]Read More

Centurion and Copernicus

Centurion is one of the leading examples of a successful European Earth Observation consortium, using space data to solve real world challenges. Two of its ten consortium partners are Dutch, including space data AI specialist OPT/NET. We present an interview with Mohan Rao, OPT/NET B.V. Marketing Director, who answeres questions about the project, its benefits, […]Read More