Workshop: Stakeholder Input on the Evolution of Copernicus Water Services

 Workshop: Stakeholder Input on the Evolution of Copernicus Water Services

April 20, 2021 13:00 CEST | Online | Free registration

Water products which are fit for purpose

Water-ForCE recognises that it is essential to undertake the next phase of research and innovation in Earth Observation in partnership with industry and policy sectors, to design products which can effectively address our immediate environmental and climate challenges. 

Have your say in the design of the next phase of the Copernicus Inland Water Services

We would like to welcome both non-users of Earth Observation and users of in-situ and remote sensing data to share their experience in inland water management, and ideas on how future Copernicus Inland Water services could best promote environmental protection, human welfare, policy development, innovation and business opportunities.

Programme overview

(See the full program overview here)

The 3-hour workshop will be divided into three sessions: 

Session 1 

  • Introduction to Water-ForCE project and Copernicus future vision.
  • End-user presentations from across the inland water domain, sharing experience in both satellite and non-satellite inland water Earth Observation. 

Session 2 

  • Targeted interactive discussions in sector-specific breakout rooms.
  • Main topics will include the uptake of current Copernicus services, and the information needs and innovation opportunities for future services. 

Session 3 

  • Panel discussion of points raised in the breakouts.
  • Summary of key findings and next steps.

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