Your Input Matters: Join the Water-ForCE Initiative

 Your Input Matters: Join the Water-ForCE Initiative

Are you passionate about water management and space data? If so, we need your insights! The Water-ForCE project aims to revolutionise the future of Copernicus services by creating a roadmap for the water component. Our mission is to bridge the gap between remote sensing and in situ observation research while addressing the needs and expectations of both the public and private sectors involved in the core Copernicus Programme and beyond.

To achieve this, we require your valuable input! We’ve designed a survey to gather insights from professionals like you within the water management and space data sectors. Your participation will help us understand the current challenges and requirements, ultimately leading to the development of improved water-related information within Copernicus services.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the advancement of water management and space data. If you or your organisation stand to benefit from enhanced water-related information in Copernicus, please take a few minutes to complete our survey:

About Water-ForCE

All six Copernicus Services (Atmosphere, Marine, Land, Climate Change, Security, Energy) deliver water and hydrology-related services. However, the European Commission noticed that this way it is hard to get a comprehensive understanding of the global water cycle, there are gaps in water-related products, there are certain aspects of duplication and it is hard for different user communities to find relevant Copernicus products. Therefore, the Horizon2020 Space Programme had a call for a Coordination and Support Action project: “Copernicus evolution: Mission exploitation concept for WATER” to find the best long-term mission concept.

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Nataliia Demchuk

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