Public-Private Partnerships for Copernicus Water Services

 Public-Private Partnerships for Copernicus Water Services

This week the Water-ForCE project held a webinar on Public-Private Partnerships for Copernicus Water Services. During this event speakers and participants looked at how European and international regulations enable Copernicus water applications.

PrimeWater Project

Dr. Mariano Bresciani, the senior researcher at CNR, held a presentation with the long title “Earth Observation for supporting freshwater reservoirs management: moving towards operational services based on PrimeWater experience”. 

PrimeWater is a Horizon2020 funded research project that studies the effects of upstream changes on future water quality and quantity. The project is based on advanced Earth Observation data products, integration with other data sources, and the development of diagnostic modeling tools. As a result, public and private sector decisions on water management can be made with better and more efficient information.

“Water quality has always been important, but never more so than today”, concluded Dr. Bresciani.

The PrimeWater project objectives include:

  • Maximise the potential of Earth Observation (EO) technology for the water sector by enhancing and expanding the information base for inland water quality, through advanced physics-based algorithms
  • Add value to Copernicus data through cross-cutting research, using advanced Data Assimilation and Machine Learning techniques, aiming at improving the accuracy of hydro-ecological forecasts and their related impact at different spatial and temporal scales.
  • Improve preparedness against water hazards and enhance the capabilities for decision-making through uncertainty.
  • Establish a complete value chain linking science with the water business sector. This will help co-development of products and services through easier interaction and communication with water professionals across the globe.
Ways to use the results of PrimeWater work / Image credit: Dr. Mariano Bresciani presentation

To learn more about this project and read case studies, please visit the PrimeWater website.

Water Insight

Dr. Annelies Hommersom is a project manager and senior satellite data processing consultant at Water Insight. She explained “How services based on the Sentinel satellites can support monitoring for the EU Water Framework Directive”.

In her presentation Dr. Hommersom discussed European water policies and regulations, highlighting those that require monitoring of surface waters. She then looked into how Earth Observation data can contribute to this effort and what parameters are relevant. She also looked at the impact of these EU policies on commercial activities (and opportunities) in this sector.

List of EU water policies and regulations which require monitoring of surface waters / Image credit: Dr. Annelies Hommersom

Water Insight aims to commercialise and operationalise water quality remote sensing products and services.

All presentations from this webinar are available on a Water-ForCE webinars page.

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About Water-ForCE

All six Copernicus Services (Atmosphere, Marine, Land, Climate Change, Security, Energy) deliver water and hydrology related services. However, the European Commission noticed that this way it is hard to get a comprehensive understanding of the global water cycle, there are gaps in water related products, there is duplication and it is hard for user communities to find relevant Copernicus products. Therefore, the Horizon2020 Space Programme opened a call for a Coordination and Support Action project: “Copernicus evolution: Mission exploitation concept for WATER” to find the best long-term mission concept.

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