Participate in the Water-ForCE Survey

 Participate in the Water-ForCE Survey

Project Water-ForCE is a Horizon Europe project, defining the future of inland water services for the Copernicus Programme, as a scientific partnership collecting the needs of the public and private sectors.

We would love to know your needs.

Water-ForCE is a project dedicated to developing the roadmap for the water component for the future Copernicus services. We are addressing the current disconnects between remote sensing and in situ observation research, delivering clarity in terms of the needs and expectations of the public and private sectors of the core Copernicus Program and the wider research and business innovation opportunities.

One of the methods to collect our data is to ask people from the water management and space data sectors about their needs. For this we have developed a new survey, which we would like to ask you to complete.

Are you a person and/or institute that could potentially benefit from improved water related information in Copernicus, then please fill out this survey:

Thank you in advance for your kind help! You can find out more about Project Water-ForCE on the official website and on our dedicated project news page.

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Remco Timmermans

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