Space for Business: Join the #1 business programme for the New Space economy in Europe

 Space for Business: Join the #1 business programme for the New Space economy in Europe

The next generation of space technology  will be responsible for delivering global  internet, fighting climate change, and taking  humanity to Mars. To accomplish such  audacious goals, the industry will require  talent with diverse skills and backgrounds  from every walk of life. 

Space is the new economic frontier. An increasing number  of entrepreneurs and “New Space” companies are building  their business models around products or services for  space and non-space markets.  

To meet the growing demand for business education in  this field, three renowned European business schools,  University of St Gallen (HSG) from Switzerland, Nova School  of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) from Portugal, and  Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University  (RSM) from the Netherlands, have joined forces to launch  the first European executive space business programme in  collaboration with ESA, the European Space Agency.

Looking for space enthusiasts 

The programme is open to space and non-space professionals and  entrepreneurs who want to increase their management know-how and  skills, who want to understand how the space sector offers new business  opportunities and creates new business models, and who want to kickstart  their career in the space sector. 

Roles that participants may have, include: 

  • Tech entrepreneurs 
  • Space innovators  
  • Space industry professionals  
  • Investors 
  • Institutional stakeholders 
  • Policy makers

A good command of English, both in speaking and in writing, is required. Preferably applicants have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent university education. Business education is not required.  Yet, having relevant business experience is considered an asset.  

You can expect to meet an international, diverse, multidisciplinary cohort eager to develop new space ventures. 

Embark on a stellar learning journey

The programme has been developed by three of Europe’s renowned  business schools in collaboration with the European Space Agency. Through  their expertise and experience, an effective learning programme has been  formed with a wide variety of learning activities.

  • Experience a 6-month programme with an  international curriculum and faculty at  inspirational learning venues all over Europe. 
  • Learn from three European top business schools  and the European Space Agency. Have access to  space industry experts and decision makers. 
  • Visit three of the most thriving space ecosystems  in Switzerland, Portugal and the Netherlands. 
  • Attend in-person modules and online classes  with academic and industry experts. Grow a peer  network of space industry professionals.  
  • Accelerate your own New Space project or work on existing sector challenges through  experiential learning.  
  • Experience the ESA ecosystem at the European  Space Technology and Research Centre. 

Course information

The six-month programme consists of three in-class modules in three different European countries. Each module takes on average 50-60 hours to complete (including the time you spend in-class). The first module takes five days in Switzerland, the second module four days in Portugal, and the third module three days. After the third module, the programme is directly followed by a two-day immersion, the ESA Touchdown, in the ESA ecosystem at the European Space Technology and Research Centre. The third module and ESA Touchdown are combined in one five-day visit to the Netherlands, which also marks the graduation of the programme.

During the programme you will work on a personal impact project, which challenges you to directly apply your learnings and make real and relevant impact on your business and role. For your impact project you will be supported by academics and industry experts.

Personal Impact Project

The personal impact project is a key component of the programme. In this project you apply insights from the modules to your own business to have real impact on your organization and your role.

The personal impact project will be started in Module 1 and runs through Module 2 and 3. In between the modules you will continue to work on your project while receiving mentoring and advice from academics and industry experts. You will present your final project during the ESA Touchdown.


Between the modules there will be webinars and other interactive online meetings:

  • To engage you with inspiring guest speakers.
  • To coach you on your personal impact project.
  • To prepare you for upcoming modules through offering mini-masterclasses.

In parallel, you will work on your personal impact project and prepare for the upcoming module through concise video and reading materials (e.g. articles, book chapters and blogs). Overall, the webinars and online events are optional and serve to stay connected with each other and improve the quality of interaction during the modules.

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