HiTMaT 2021: Opportunties for Space Campus Noordwijk

 HiTMaT 2021: Opportunties for Space Campus Noordwijk

Soon, the next HiTMaT call for proposals will be published. This yearly call stimulates and inspires consortia to come up with innovative solutions to address societal challenges. Winners from this call are granted € 25.000 by Holland High Tech to realize their ideas. The main focus within this call is the collaboration between research institutes and entrepreneurs. This call, therefore, bring many opportunities for the Space Campus Noordwijk and the associated Leiden-Delft-Erasmus (LDE) universities.

Background of the HiTMaT call

Since several years, the Dutch government is pursuing a mission-oriented innovation approach. Five societal relevant themes were selected that require special attention: Health, Climate, Mobility, Agriculture, water & food, and Security. The HiTMaT call urges research institutes and entrepreneurs to link their innovative ideas to one of these themes and address challenges herein. The Topsector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) defined particular innovation challenges for each theme in their Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) 2018-2021.

Through a funding of € 25.000, the research institute and business are expected to deliver a fundamental public-private R&D project that contributes to challenges within one of the defined themes. In this collaboration, the research institute will be the main applicant in the consortium, strengthened by an entrepreneurial SME. Proposals will be evaluated on its quality, degree of contribution to addressing societal challenges, originality, the consortium, and potential economic and societal impact.

HiTMaT 2020

Last year, 60 applicants marked their interest in the call by submitting their proposal. From these 60 proposals, the jury selected 15 finalist which presented their final ideas. Finally, 10 winners, 2 from each thematic area, were granted the funding to execute their innovative ideas:


  • Advaessel: Advanced materials processing and design for regenerating blood vessels
  • UltrasoundNeuroTech: Ultrasone stimulatie voor non-invasieve behandeling van hersenaandoeningen


  • Data enhanced physical models to reduce material use: a game changer in materials modeling
  • Innovative health monitoring for circular steel infrastructure


  • Enabling the Energy and Environmental Transition through Multi Material Design and Additive Manufacturing
  • Modu-Base

Agriculture, Water & Food

  • Vollegrondsgroenteteelt onder teeltondersteunende voorzieningen met fotovoltaïsche cellen
  • Extractie van stikstofverbindingen uit dierlijke mest


  • How well do humans perform interacting with high tech systems?
  • Grondgebonden Situational Awareness

Opportunities for Space Campus Noordwijk and LDE

Soon, the 2021 HiTMaT call for proposals will be published and applications will be open from March 23 until May 12. Space has many opportunities in addressing challenges in these five thematic areas. Collaborative action between research institutes and businesses in the region, such as the LDE universities and local entrepreneurs, will allow for many opportunities in applying for the call. The Space Campus in Noordwijk can serve as a facilitator to bring stakeholders together and successfully develop ambitious high-tech projects.

If you are interested in forming a consortium to apply for this call reach out through our contact page. Also, keep an eye on our website for updates on this call!

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