Space Hubs Network launches its first open call

 Space Hubs Network launches its first open call

The first Space Hubs Network (SUN) Open Call providing mentorship and support services to  entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups is open until the 15th of June, noon CET. The two-year EU funded programme, which aims to help start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs develop and excel  their technology in the space sector, offers three different stages of support – pre-incubation,  pre-acceleration and post-acceleration, suitable to the needs of applicants. 

  • Pre-incubation – aims to support entrepreneurs that have promising business ideas and helping them to reach solutions, preparing and matching them with incubation initiatives. The duration of the programme is three months. 
  • Pre-acceleration – provides help to start-ups to reach a market/solution fit, preparing them to the acceleration stage and/or getting in the most reputable programmes or secure pre-seed investment. The duration of the programme is six months. 
  • Post-acceleration – the objective is to scout and mentor start-ups and scale-ups that  already have significant traction and help them to secure seed or series A investment, or  sell their products/services to a large number of customers. The duration of the  programme is six months. 

During the mentorships programmes, SUN will provide different support such as, assign one  mentor throughout the whole programme to participating teams or entrepreneurs, regular  sessions (online or face to face), an additional mentor if needed for specific topics and the  opportunity to participate in experience sharing sessions. All of the support given is free of charge  to all attendees.  

SUN is promoted by six organisations experienced in the space sector and start-ups industry  community: Axsysnav, Brimatech Services, Civitta Romania, F6S, Science Park Graz and Startup  Division.  

Applications for the programme are open until the 15th June, 12:00CET, and can be done on the  following links: pre-incubation, pre-acceleration and post-acceleration. More information can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or

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