Monitoring the HiSea from High Up

 Monitoring the HiSea from High Up

HiSea is an EU-funded project that develops services to provide high resolution Earth Observation-based data of water quality at sea, to provide solutions for ports and aquaculture industries.

The HiSea services incorporate Copernicus Marine, Land and Climate Services Products, local monitoring data and advanced modelling to improve operation, planning and management of different marine activities. These services will improve operation, planning and management of different marine activities, with a focus on the usage in the port and aquaculture sectors.

The HiSea Project is developing a platform that offers accurate and reliable high-resolution information, readily available, easily understandable from satellite data, to fit users’ operations, to plan and manage the Ports and Aquaculture farms requirements seamlessly, to reduce monitoring activities and to increase financial efficiency of various marine activities.

HiSea services use accurate data satellites to provide information you currently lack and /or to substitute the measurement methods used till today. The project, which received €1.94 million in funding through the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, is comprised of seven partners from The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Spain, France, Greece and Israel.

For the port sector, HiSea provides:

  • Spill trajectory Forecast
  • Safety & operation management based on MET-OCEAN
  • Bathymetry estimation for channel sedimentation’s trend
  • Water pollution compliance reporting

For the aquaculture sector, HiSea provides:

  • Wave and Wind Forecast Alerts
  • Water Quality Forecast and Personalized Alerts
  • Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast
  • Jellyfish Invasion Forecast
  • Support for Optimizing Fish Cage Settlement
  • Optimizing Pumping Energy

Your input is needed

it is vital that HiSea understands the market needs so as to fit the Hisea platform with.

The HiSea project team would really appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to answer an anonymous questionnaire, to give them your feedback:

You will find a description of each service in the questionnaire. Thank you for your time!

Please find more information about the HiSea project on their website here.

Remco Timmermans

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