Horizon Europe Callout: Space for Biodiversity

 Horizon Europe Callout: Space for Biodiversity

In this series of ‘callouts’ we highlight open Horizon Europe funding calls that are relevant to the Dutch and European space data sector. These calls are selected through the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and Groundstation.Space ‘Open Calls’ initiative, offering a searchable portal of all open funding calls relevant for the space (data) sector.

User-oriented solutions building on environmental observation to monitor critical ecosystems and biodiversity loss and vulnerability

Open Call Reference: HORIZON-CL6-2021-GOVERNANCE-01-14

Need description

There is a need for knowledge of both better quantified and more precisely characterised changes in biodiversity and related ecosystem services in coastal, marine, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, and of ecosystem status and quantified impacts of the main direct drivers of changes (i.e. land and sea use changes, pollutions, climate change, invasive alien species and exploitation of natural resources) on European natural capital.

Scope of this call

The projects should deliver new Earth Observation (EO) data services building on the potential of EO capabilities in order to address end-user needs facing the deterioration and destruction of their living environment and ecosystems. The projects under this topic should tackle issues raised within the European Green Deal calls and provide solutions to halt biodiversity loss and protect vulnerable ecosystems, and ensuring ecosystem capacity to continue to provide services to society and the environment. The projects should make mapping tools and information solutions available, which are needed by a wide variety of end users in order to meet targets for conservation and restoration of diverse terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems.

Objective of the call

  • Policy formulation for biodiversity & ecosystem services on European/national and regional level
  • Understanding of the adverse cumulative impacts of climate change and anthropogenic activities on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Ecosystem-based management of land and sea with the objectives to minimize the adverse effects of climate change and anthropogenic activities on ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Dependable data, information and knowledge to support adaptation and mitigation of biodiversity loss
  • Support to the development of the European service sector regarding end-user climate services related to biodiversity and ecosystems
  • A contribution to the EC-ESA Joint Earth system science initiative
  • Improved governance of biodiversity monitoring and reporting, in particular together with the ‘Rescuing biodiversity to safeguard live on Earth’ partnership, the EU Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity and GEOBON

Download this Horizon Europe call factsheet

Visit the Open.Calls page of this call for a one-page factsheet that has all relevant information about this call.

Write a winning proposal

This Horizon Europe call is currently open for proposals, with a deadline of 29 September 2021. NSO and Groundstation.Space will help you find consortium partners and help you write a winning proposal! How? Just follow these three steps!

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