NL Space Campus development is moving forward

 NL Space Campus development is moving forward

Thanks to close collaborations with the government, agencies, education institutes and entrepreneurs that have been added over the past year, a good number of projects for NL Space Campus are in the pipeline. Where the NL Space Campus community has started to live ‘digitally’ during much of the pandemic, we are now entering a phase, Covid restrictions permitting, where we can reinforce ‘online activities’ with ‘live’ projects, that will be much more visible.

In the past months we have worked hard towards the LDE NL Space Campus Summer School, the activation of the open field and application for permits for the first buildings on the physical campus.

NL Space Campus development is moving forward

Roads, Planning Permits and Food Trucks

One of the main tasks of the campus is to facilitate meetings for the cluster, with the aim to create open innovation as a natural process. We are therefore proud to announce that the plans for activating the open field are in the permit phase. The first roads across the field, the first meeting place, a large events plaza with a partly covered terrace, and last but not least a new space for the campus organisation to welcome visitors at the heart of the campus! Additionally, we reserved a prominent parking space for the food truck, because meetings without food and drinks are only half the deal. With these elements in place we can offer people an actual stage, which will certainly have a positive influence on the growth of the campus. So if you see people from the campus organisation on a lawnmower soon, you know what our first ground breaking goal is!

Welcome to NL Space Campus

Fablab and Basecamp

A small glance beyond the open field activation shows that two huge pillars for the campus are eagerly waiting: the Fablab and the Basecamp. Designs for both facilities are being brought to maturity, with more on that in future news.

Gaia and Giotto

In addition to movement in the heart of the campus, there is also movement in the peripheral zone. Burgland Real Estate have released the designs for two high-end office buildings, next to the ATG-building! See the NL Space Campus website for more information on this topic.

Also see for all info on the new ‘Gaia’ and ‘Giotto’ buildings.

Gaia and Giotto – concept by Burgland Real Estate (credit: Burgland)

Original article on the NL Space Campus website here

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