Become a Space Data Expert: Join the Copernicus MOOC

 Become a Space Data Expert: Join the Copernicus MOOC

Space data holds the key to tackling some of the main challenges we face here on Earth, but accessing and using it can sometimes be challenging. Join the Copernicus MOOC to learn how you can take on the challenge and harness the power of space data!

What is the Copernicus MOOC?

The Copernicus MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is an online training aimed at enabling anyone to understand how to use Earth Observation data in order to address societal challenges and generate business opportunities.

Participants will learn how Copernicus data can be used for evidence-based public policy, as well as to develop new products and services, open up new markets, improve quality of life, and make the most of limited resources in a sustainable way.

What will you learn?

The course will address three key topics:

  1. Understand Copernicus data and services – what they are, and how they can be accessed and used.
  2. Learn from success stories – how existing Copernicus-enabled services and applications have been developed and deployed.
  3. Do it yourself – acquire the key skills and knowledge to develop and deploy Copernicus-enabled products and services and to navigate the Copernicus ecosystem.

With 2 hours of time investment per week (12 weeks, so 24 hours in total), you will be able to understand the full value of Copernicus data and services and how to benefit from it.

Who should register?

Professionals from the public sector and entrepreneurs, with an interest in using geo-information data to address societal challenges and develop new business opportunities. The course is free of charge and open to everyone.

Register for the next session

The next session will start in September 2020. Registration is free and gives you access to all learning materials and videos, and to the final exam. If you pass the exam you will receive an official certificate by the University of Luxembourg and PWC. And did we say it’s free?

Remco Timmermans

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