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Old but gold – Use of historic Copernicus EO data

Earth Observation (EO) data supports research by scientists all around the world. For this research, access to historic EO data is particularly valuable. It provides better knowledge and understanding of the processes affecting our planet, and helps the downstream space data market develop more meaningful applications. Considering the vast and constantly growing amount of data, […]Read More

GLEC2022: Opportunities of Space for Emerging Countries

The opportunities of space are an inspiration for people all over the world. The images of astronauts walking on the Moon, launching to the International Space Station, flying new commercial spacecraft, and images of our planet from Earth orbiting satellites equally inspire people in emerging countries as much as they excite us those in countries […]Read More

Using satellite data in court, not as evident as it

With the war in Ukraine progressing, and calls for prosecution of war crimes becoming louder, the use of the all-important satellite data as evidence in court becomes an important topic. Even though the reliability of satellite data seems obvious, its use in legal situations is subject to questions about its validity and reliability. The book […]Read More

Benefits of Data Driven Innovation for Local Government

Innovation is one of those modern business buzzwords that everybody knows, but only few can actually put into meaningful practice. This is especially the case in local councils or municipalities, that are rapidly getting access to new large amounts of data about their city or region, but are struggling to use this data to improve […]Read More

Satellite data resources for investigative journalism

Wildfires, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, mass evacuations from cities and countries, illegal forestry and fishing, war damage, ships stuck in critical waterways… We have all seen many examples of disasters from space. Many of these stories come from investigative journalism using images from space. Investigative Journalism Call: Support Ukraine’s Defence from Space Images from satellites […]Read More

Space Race over the Suez Canal

After a six-day blockade of the Suez Canal, the Evergreen ‘Ever Given’ mega containership was pulled out of the banks and shallows of the canal on Monday 29 March 2021, with the support of Dutch shipping and salvage company Boskalis Smit Salvage. The blocking of the canal was a minor maritime disaster, where the ship […]Read More

Space for Forestry Webinar

In our monthly webinar series, Eurisy and dotSpace bring together research, government and industry experts to talk about innovative solutions and funding opportunities. This week the focus is on Space for Forestry. This multidisciplinary initiative provides an open networking and knowledge sharing platform where space and non-space professionals exchange ideas, discover opportunities and meet each […]Read More

12 Questions about Tropomi

Tropomi is a Dutch-made satellite instrument that examines air quality more accurately than ever. Here are twelve questions about the heart of the Sentinel-5P Earth Observation satellite: What is Tropomi? Tropomi is a satellite instrument that studies air quality worldwide and more accurately than ever. Tropomi orbits the earth for 100 minutes and at an […]Read More

Become a Space Data Expert: Join the Copernicus MOOC

Space data holds the key to tackling some of the main challenges we face here on Earth, but accessing and using it can sometimes be challenging. Join the Copernicus MOOC to learn how you can take on the challenge and harness the power of space data! What is the Copernicus MOOC? The Copernicus MOOC (Massive […]Read More

Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow Online – Replays

The dotSpace Foundation was one of the organising partners of the Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow Online Edition, the fifth and last in the 2019/2020 series of roadshows. Due to the ongoing pandemic the event was changed from an in-person workshop in Croatia to an online event, combined with the EO4GEO Summit. The recordings of […]Read More