ESA terrestrial enterprise

 ESA terrestrial enterprise

Credits: European Space Agency

Last year ESA has launched its downstream gateway, a ‘one-stop shop’ administration for every single downstream opportunity to create links among new and rising business and the abilities being created in ESA programs.

While ESA has different projects concentrated on downstream activities that have been operating successfully over the years in line with its space domains, such as Earth observation, navigation, telecommunications or human spaceflight, the Downstream Gateway provides a single interface to ESA, empowering new downstream networks to cooperate all the more effectively with ESA as a whole..

Through the provision of space data and technologies, ESA has supported scientists, innovators and businesses in building new services and applications in several downstream sectors (agriculture, health, education, transport, and environment monitoring, among many others) to the benefit of European society and economy. To keep on improving its key job in this ecosystem, ESA must have a superior comprehension of the conduct, needs and desires new actors.

The group behind the Downstream Gateway includes a core group of ESA business, marketing and technical experts, benefiting industry by also linking prospective new customers and investors to European companies offering readily available solutions that match new customer needs.

With this survey, ESA wants to assess the non-space actor’s likely willingness to use space assets for their business.

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