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Industry view of the future of Copernicus

This week the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) published an important position paper on the future of Copernicus from the European Earth Observation Services industry. This paper describes the position of the European Earth Observation (EO) services industry, represented by EARSC, on the evolution and future of the Copernicus Programme in a long-term […]Read More

FIRE Forum and Ecoten: The Challenges of EO in Cities

With well over half of the world’s population living in cities, the urban environment is one of the key targets for Earth Observation (EO) applications. This was obvious at the recent EXPANDEO and FIRE Forum Conference in Brussels, that we reported on earlier here, where urban development was one of the key topics. FIRE Forum […]Read More

EXPANDEO 2022 – The Now and Tomorrow of Earth Observation

Key stakeholders came together to discuss the ‘now and tomorrow’ of Earth Observation at the two-day EXPANDEO and the FIRE Forum 2022 joint event. This annual European Earth Observation event is organised by EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies), who are also the consortium lead of the FIRE Forum project. The EXPANDEO and FIRE […]Read More

EXPANDEO 2022: Where the Market Meets

EXPANDEO & the FIRE Forum 2022 is the event where participants get the chance to learn about market opportunities in various sectors while growing their business through networking and other interactive sessions. This long-awaited joint event will bring together key representatives from user communities, Earth Observation service providers and institutional actors to discuss the “Now […]Read More

Nominate your favourite EO organisations for the EARSC Awards 2022

Every year, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) recognises companies’ performance, partnerships and outstanding products for their exemplary contribution to the European Earth Observation ecosystem through the EARSC Awards campaign. The awards are drawn from various categories and will be judged by renowned international experts The awards’ results are usually announced during the EARSC EXPANDEO annual cocktail in June. The winners will be announced […]Read More

EOcafe: Access to Finance for the EO Services Industry

On Thursday 10 February 2022 the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies EARSC is organising an EOcafe webinar about funding opportunities offered by the European Innovation Council (EIC). The European Innovation Council (EIC), launched by the European Commission in March 2021, has the objective to support the commercialization of game changing innovations in the European […]Read More

EARSC presents State and Health of the European Earth Observation

Earlier this week the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) presented its latest industry survey into the state and health of the Earth Observation (EO) sector in Europe. The full report can be downloaded here. Below points describe the key strategic context in which the European Earth Observation services industry was operating in 2019: […]Read More