Nominate your favourite EO solution for the EARSC Awards 2023

 Nominate your favourite EO solution for the EARSC Awards 2023

Every year, the European Association for Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) recognises company performance and outstanding products for their exemplary contribution to the European Earth Observation ecosystem through the EARSC Awards campaign. The awards are drawn from various categories and will be judged by renowned international experts. You can now nominate your favourite EO organisation for the EARSC Awards 2023!

Check out the EARSC Awards 2023! (image: EARSC)

Company Award

The first and longest-running award is the Company Award that recognises the company considered in that year to have made a significant contribution to the development of the EO Services sector in Europe.

The candidates will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Has successfully developed EO services for a target market (sector or geographic)
  • Has made a strong contribution to a defining European programme or political agendas (eg. Copernicus, Green Deal framework, ESA projects, etc)
  • Has exhibited good revenue and/or employment growth.

Startup Award

The Startup Award recognizes the company considered in that year to have made a significant impact and a new business model in the EO Services sector in Europe. The EARSC Secretariat rewards every year a startup that is less than 5 years old, shows growth in revenues and/or personnel growth, and finally has a good and coherent promotion of the company and its products.

The criteria for evaluation for this category include:

  • year of formation
  • company generic description
  • show growth in revenues and/or personnel growth
  • good and coherent promotion of the company and its products

Product Award

The EARSC EO product award 2023 will recognize a value-added product that will support the Green Deal Agenda.

The European Commission is demonstrating unprecedented leadership with the Green Deal initiative to tackle climate change and will require an abundance of resources, including viable data and information which will allow governments to identify risks, tailor policy response and resource allocation, monitor progress and identify trends. 

The green transition must be complemented by the continued use and improvement of new datasets. Combining satellite data with measurements from ground-based instruments and exploiting deep technological approaches (e.g. artificial intelligence and machine learning) makes it possible to have a wide range of operational applications and services contributing to the Green Deal.

European EO industry can help achieve the Green deal set of policies by providing critical information to the Green Deal actions on climate, energy, agriculture, transport or environment.

Award Ceremony at EXPANDEO

The awards’ results are announced during the EARSC EXPANDEO annual cocktail. The winners will be announced on our website and social media and they will receive their gifts personally or by post.

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Deadline for EARSC Awards 2023

The deadline is 30th April.

This is your opportunity to follow in the steps of previous award winners and benefit from the prestige of winning an EARSC award! (see previous year’s press release).

EARSC Awards ceremony during EXPANDEO 2022 in Brussels (image: author)

Remco Timmermans

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