Groundstation.Space is Hiring

 Groundstation.Space is Hiring

Making space data manageable and comprehensible for end-users and maximising the value of Earth Observation data is what drives the dotSPACE Foundation. ‘The Groundstation’ is a space data expert centre, and a landmark for space data use on the NL Space Campus in Noordwijk in which knowledge transfer from space to non-space environments, financing and tender support of innovation projects with space data and user engagement via our online platform are key activities.

All activities of the dotSPACE Foundation are dedicated to relevant national and international players to respond to new opportunities utilizing satellite data. With our active approach in building consortia, searching for required skills, expertise and guidance to successfully apply for Earth Observation related tenders, Groundstation.Space provides a fertile ground for companies to cooperate and share knowledge.

We are pleased to post several new job openings in our organisation! Click each position to view the details!

Remco Timmermans

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