Roadmap for Your Space Career with ESA

 Roadmap for Your Space Career with ESA

It’s not all about astronauts! The European space sector needs people from all educational backgrounds. Thousands of people work on space science, engineering, applications, management, logistics, and everything else! So of course there is a place in space for your career too!

Your path to space begins at ESA

The European Space Agency ESA offers a number of entry-level programmes towards a career in space, targeting students (Master or PhD), recent graduates and young professionals, alongside its vacancies for experienced professionals. One of them could be your path to space!

By following the pathways at ESA on our entry-level flowchart, you will quickly find out which programme could be the best fit for you. If it is a match for your profile and interests, you could be the candidate we are looking for and we encourage you to consider applying!

See the full article on the ESA career website here.

ESA Space Careers Flowchart

Pathways to your career at ESA

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

In addition to entry-level careers, ESA continues to offer opportunities for aspiring space entrepreneurs or small business owners too! See what opportunities there are:

Business opportunities with ESA in 2022

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