“Space Tourism” for Everyone: Fostering Public Engagement with the Cosmos in Amsterdam and Beyond

 “Space Tourism” for Everyone: Fostering Public Engagement with the Cosmos in Amsterdam and Beyond

Space companies are often shrouded in mystery, hidden from public view except for occasional open days. The enigma surrounding these organisations leaves outsiders unaware of the wonders within. Then why not engage more with the public? “Space Tourist Amsterdam” offers a novel approach to bridge the gap and engage with the public, providing a unique opportunity to explore the hidden cosmos.

The Challenge: Low ROI for Public Outreach

Public outreach appears to yield a low return on investment, causing it to be sidelined. Client and investor targeting takes precedence for obvious commercial reasons. However, the high demand for, what we can call “Space Tourism”, suggests a market waiting to be tapped. The ESA Open Day at ESTEC and selected NL Space Week events consistently draw sold-out crowds, indicating a latent interest. The question then arises: 

Can this interest be harnessed differently, perhaps for employer branding or city marketing, with a lower investment?

The Solution: Making Space More Accessible with Less Effort

Enter “Space Tourist” Audio Tours, a new concept unveiled during NL Space Week tapping into this question. These tours offer a fresh and effortless way to engage space enthusiasts beyond regular opening hours. The inaugural edition, “Space Tourist Amsterdam,” is a cycling tour through the city, weaving together locations related to Space Industry, Research, Art, and Education.

The tour guides participants through a cosmic journey, revealing hidden gems within the city. Each tour stop features an engaging audio guide, providing insights into the connection between the location and the space sector. While Amsterdam may not be synonymous with space like Delft, Noordwijk or Groningen, the tour uncovers unexpected treasures.

Space Tourist Amsterdam interface

Space Tourism: A Way to Stand Out for City Marketing

An Example: The impact of space on local economies has long been recognised in Noordwijk, where business travellers visiting ESTEC contribute significantly to the hotel industry, just to name one sector. Thinking further, a concept like Space Tourist audio tours could incentivise in-person meetings, extending the stay of business visitors and attracting space enthusiasts to explore the local space ecosystem.

Finding the Return on Investment for Space Businesses

Space Tourist Amsterdam explores how space businesses can capitalise on this innovative format:

  1. Employer Branding and Recruiting: A year-round audio tour becomes a tool for potential candidates to explore their potential future living environment, influencing decisions to relocate for their new employer. 
  2. Business Development: The tour offers an after-hours exploration option for business travellers, showcasing the broader space ecosystem.
  3. Employee Engagement: Space employees can share their passion with family and friends, making space tangible and enjoyable.
  4. Education: Locations on the tour representing schools and universities related to space studies highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the sector, potentially attracting more students.

Powered by Space Technology

Accessible through the IZI.travel app, Space Tourist Amsterdam utilises satellite navigation to guide participants to each destination. This intersection of space and technology underscores the tour’s authenticity.

Visibility, Inclusivity, Community 

The Space Tourist format offers a low-effort approach for city marketing and space businesses to bringing space closer to a variety of target audiences over a longer period. Bringing visibility to the sector could, in the long-term, also benefit the sector’s visibility in general and become relevant for Public Affairs. 

Thinking about future developments, such tours in different cities could even connect space enthusiasts, businesses, and cities worldwide – ultimately creating a baseline for a type of space community that does not exist yet. The common denominator: Anyone can be a space tourist, no rocket required – In Amsterdam, a bike will do. 

About “Space Tourist“

Space Tourist Amsterdam is the brainchild of Alexandra Sokolowski, Founder of Crunch & Huntening – a Strategic Communications Consulting Firm for space companies.

How to Start Your Space Journey

Anyone can take the Space Tourist Amsterdam tour. A preview is available on the IZI.travel website. For the most convenient exploration, the free app (iOS | Android) is most suitable. Upon download, search for “Space Tourist Amsterdam” and press start.  

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