Three steps to successful funding with OpenCalls.Space

 Three steps to successful funding with OpenCalls.Space

Netherlands Space Office NSO and Groundstation.Space created a portal for space organisations to find funding opportunities in the new Horizon Europe programme.

In the Open Calls portal organisations can find funds for creating technical or other solutions the most pressing problems in European society that can be solved with space technology or data.

This unique collaboration project helps you access Horizon Europe funding in three easy steps:

Step 1 – Select your space funding call

The Horizon Europe programme has many hundreds of opportunities, making it difficult to find specific, fitting calls for the space (data) sector. The portal contains a subset of funding calls that are selected specifically for organisations working with space data, or looking to work with space data. These calls are not just taken from the ‘space’ category in Horizon Europe, but also from other areas, where the problems presented are perfectly suited to be solved from space.

Step 2 – Find your consortium partners

In addition to finding the right calls, Groundstation.Space and NSO also help you finding partners to form your consortium. Both organisations have a large network of Dutch and European companies and SMEs that are looking to partner in projects. Just contact us here to find out how we can help you connect with these potential partners!

Step 3 – Write a winning proposal

The final part in the Horizon Europe puzzle is writing a successful proposal. Our team of experts can help you there too, having written dozens of European framework project proposals over the last years. Again, just contact us to find out!

More about Horizon Europe for Space

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Remco Timmermans

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