Innovation Partner

Space is the formula one for technology and innovation. DotSpace as a not for profit organization shares this specific knowledge and its experiences. We at The Groundstation as expert center, work in innovative tenders within and outside the Space domain, we write all kinds of plans and learn something new every day. We utilize this information to “update” you so you keep on improving.

Through our experience we know exactly how we can cooperate around the pitfalls and how we can utilize the open doors that space and satellite information has to offer.


Collaboration is key in complex innovation chains. Coordinated effort offers access to new knowledge, it opens doors to funding opportunities and it can accelerate the turnaround time of an activity. The right partners must be found, an innovation project plan must be made and the innovation project must be managed.

At dotSPACE we have many years of experience in setting up innovation projects in an international environment. We have built up a huge European network of technology sectors over the years. This network consists of companies, knowledge institutions, universities and national and European funding parties.

what we can offer

Join a call

At dotSPACE we continuously work on innovation projects, calls and tenders and we are always open for interesting new partnerships. Reach out to us and we find opportunities to collaborate on space data topics. But we can also look for innovation opportunities especially for your profile.

Virtual tenderdesk

Support organizations that are just starting to tender, organizations that want to tender more often, want to improve, or have to make strategic choices. We support & coach to increase distinctive value. We do this in a step by step process how to run the tender process successfully.

Opportunity creation

We support ambitious organizations to innovate with space data in creating new breakthrough products, businesses and services. DotSPACE can provide insights, practical skills and knowledge that you can apply in all aspects of a innovative tender.

Join us

Become a dotSPACE accomplice and you will have access to a virtual tender desk with an worldwide space industry and knowledge network. In this collaboration, the foundation offers training, advice and coordination so that your company or institute achieves more success in addressing tenders. By working together, continuity and quality of service is guaranteed

Via the dotSPACE tender desk, you build up expertise in the use of satellite data, tender and innovation management. It supports you in optimizing your innovation process regarding the use of satellite data. DotSpace has a large European network of specialists who are involved in the tendering proces without causing fragmentation of tasks and loss of focus so that it relieves your own organization. 

get Acces to space

By entering the partnership with dotSPACE you will gain access to the European space domain and the various international knowledge institutes. Along these lines you become an expert and fruitful member in innovation tenders.

The dotSPACE tender desk team is a profoundly experienced group with expertise in strategy, policy and innovative counsel. This group is is engaged with the advancement of European tenders, yet in addition as secretary for the effective accommodation of tenders.

Would you like more information about our services, advice or other requests just send us a email at  And we will contact you as soon as possible