LDE NL Space Campus Summer School – Day 4

 LDE NL Space Campus Summer School – Day 4

Today was day four of the six-day LDE NL Space Campus Summer School in the Netherlands. Today the participants spent the day at TU Delft! Our participant-reporter Miraslava Kazlouskaya explains:

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Team Challenges

A key element of the Summer School is the project that participants are working on. Participants have been placed into a project team of 6 students with the different backgrounds (Science, Law, Engineering and Business) that will need to find a solution to their chosen challenge. These teams are working on the challenge during the entire week, starting on day 1 with a team building exercise. 

Then, during the week, they are provided with relevant information to work on the team challenge, with presentations and visits to different locations. Teams have received some information and guidance to start your project, but it is up to the team members to find solutions and know when to ask for relevant information from experts, for example during visits.

At the end of the week the teams will present their work to each other and experts, to demonstrate that they understood the challenge and what solutions and innovations they identified to answer the challenge questions.

Students chose from the following challenges:

Space Debris Challenge

What needs to be done to handle or solve the Orbital debris issue?

Space for Sustainability Challenge

How can Space (data) be used to support the UN Sustainability Goals?

Space Instrumentation Challenge

How can the developments in space instrumentation, and optics in particular, be used for future exploration and Earth observation missions and other space systems?

Space Business Challenge

What opportunities are there for commercial business cases and what do the developments in laser communication, Geo positioning systems, satellite IOT systems and other market developments offer?

Working on mission design at the ESA Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) at ESTEC (photo: Mira Kazlouskaya)

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