Space for Forestry Webinar

 Space for Forestry Webinar

In our monthly webinar series, Eurisy and dotSpace bring together research, government and industry experts to talk about innovative solutions and funding opportunities. This week the focus is on Space for Forestry. This multidisciplinary initiative provides an open networking and knowledge sharing platform where space and non-space professionals exchange ideas, discover opportunities and meet each other to benefit their organisations.

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3 March 2021: Space for Forestry

Theme for the March edition is ‘Space for Forestry’. We will present some of the best research, industry projects and government opportunities in the use of space for sustainable forest management. Of course we will also highlight some of the brand new funding opportunities through the Horizon Europe programme in this area.

Space for Forestry line-up

  • Vojvodinašume – Public Company for Forest Management in Serbia
  • e-Shape – Climate Smart Forestry Operations
  • Silvisense – Forest Monitoring from Space
  • Tesselo – AI Driven Satellite Mapping for Forestry
  • Funding calls for space data in forestry by Linda van Duivenbode

One minute pitches

This session also features the following one-minute pitches by organisations using space data for forestry applications:

  • F-TEP – Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform (Forestry TEP)
  • Space4Good – Nature Conservation from Space
  • GMV – My Sustainable Forest

Why attend?

  • Learn about the latest innovative ideas from leading research institutions and universities in Europe;
  • Scout for funding opportunities and open calls from European and national entities;
  • Find partners for joint innovation, collaboration and consortium forming.

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The Open Campus webinar and web platform is a catalyst for new collaborations, supporting participants to connect and form new alliances, partnerships, consortia or trade relations. We invite you to join the discussion on this and many other ‘Space for Climate’ discussions on the Open Campus Forum!


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You can read more about the Space for Climate webinar series on the special webinar page on the Eurisy website.

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