Space for Climate Webinars Spring 2021

 Space for Climate Webinars Spring 2021

After a successful series of webinars this winter, Eurisy and dotSpace continue their ‘Space for Climate’ webinars into spring and summer 2021! Organised every first Wednesday of the month, these webinars bring together specialists on different topics related to space solutions for climate challenges.

Monthly theme

All the webinars follow the same ‘Open Campus’ format. This format means that webinars start with an introduction of the topic of the month, followed by a small selection of news and events. Then there are three or four specialists that present examples of their work on the crossover between space data and the theme. These specialists represent government, education and the industry and serve to inspire or call to action.

Horizon Europe and more funding opportunities

After the specialist presentations we have a section about relevant open funding calls on the topic. Our in-house tenderdesk specialist Linda van Duivenbode will highlight the best funding opportunities on the topic of the month. These now include the newly announced (or still to be announced) Horizon Europe calls, but can also include opportunities by other organisations, like the European Space Agency, national space agencies or NGOs like Climate-KIC.

One minute pitches

To give as many organisations as possible a platform to introduce themselves or their projects, the webinars are open to anyone to give a one-minute pitch. This is a great opportunity for startups to promote their work, or for researchers looking for input to their work or companies to highlight a specific (space data) product or service.

Are you interesting in pitching for our audience on one of below future topics? Just send us an email and we’ll slot you in! All info is on the registration page for the next webinar below.

Open Campus Forum

To ensure that the discussion can continue once the webinar is over, participants are invited to join the Open Campus Forum. This forum is meant to be an open marketplace for people to exchange ideas, ask questions and continue the discussion that often starts in the chatbox of the webinar.

See the last topics posted in the Open Campus Forum here:

You can join the live forum here!

Past topics (watch the replays!)

Over the past months there have been webinars on the following topics:

  • Space for Biodiversity (2 December 2020)
  • Space for the Marina Environment (6 January 2021)
  • Space for Energy (3 February 2021)

You can watch the replays and download the presentations here.

Register now to get full access to all past webinars

Topics for spring 2021

For the last session this winter and the sessions in spring and early summer we will have the following topics:

  • Space for Forestry (3 March 2021)
  • Space for Smart Mobility (7 April 2021)
  • Space for Water (5 May 2021)
  • Space for Smart Cities (2 June 2021)

Register for the next webinar

Space for Forestry Webinar March 2021

Please register for Space for Forestry Webinar on 3 March 2021 for FREE here.

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