#EUSpace4Ukraine: Call for Aid Workers and Innovators

 #EUSpace4Ukraine: Call for Aid Workers and Innovators

The #EUSpace4Ukraine initiative was launched last month and continues to collect challenges and solutions. Next week EUSPA is organising a matchmaking webinar between NGOs/aid workers and innovators/app developers working on space based solutions.

Aid Workers and Innovators Unite to Help Ukraine

 #EUSpace4Ukraine is a new open platform, which aims to match innovators with NGOs and other aid workers, to provide technological solutions for humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people.

As we mentioned before, the initiative consists of:

  • An online platform, providing information about the initiative and contacts for those interested to contribute to this initiative.
  • An open call for interest for technological solutions, as well as NGOs/supporters.
  • A matchmaking platform for NGOs, aid workers, innovators, and app developers working on EU-Space based projects.
  • #EUSpace4Ukraine Hackathon to develop new solutions (29 June – 1 July 2022)
  • A user Consultation Platform 2022: Humanitarian aid session.

Last month EUSPA organised the first introduction webinar. In this webinar the possibilities and plans of the initiative were presented and participants were invited to join.

Join the #EUSpace4Ukraine initiative! / Image via EUSPA

How to Join #EUSpace4Ukraine?

NGOs and aid workers share the needs and ways they think EUSpace platforms and technology could support their efforts. These needs address some of the key challenges that people fleeing from Ukraine are facing.

Innovator and developers on the other side will share their space-based products and services that they believe may support NGOs in Ukraine. 

At this moment the platform offers ten solutions from innovators in the following categories:

  • Uncrewed solutions for transport and delivery of goods
  • Safety and Rescue
  • Integration of displaced people in a new country
  • Applications to help understand and inventory damage in Ukraine
  • Safe, timely and accurate navigation for population migration

Of course the programme aims to expand this list of possible solutions, and remains open for ideas and suggestions.

You can get acquainted with the platform and contact the organisers of the initiative for further participation on the EUSPA #EUSpace4Ukraine page


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Space for Ukraine

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