cosine: 25 Years of Measurement Solutions in Space and on Earth

 cosine: 25 Years of Measurement Solutions in Space and on Earth

Over the last 25 years Dutch company cosine has been developing a unique position in the design and manufacturing of measurement solutions that are used in space, aviation, factories, hospitals, and any other place where measurements make the difference between success and failure.

In its long history, cosine has solved a large number of measurement challenges, ranging from supernovas to the freshness of fish. Cosine engineers use their knowledge in physics, electronics and software to solve problems in an innovative way.

In 2023 cosine will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Space technology made in the Netherlands

Cosine was founded 25 years ago with the vision that combining physics and engineering leads to more and better measurement solutions that find their way into society faster through a small, innovative company with some of the brightest minds.

It is cosine’s mission to be one of the best companies in the world that combine physics and technology to bring new measurement solutions to their clients.

Today, cosine develops and builds measurement systems for its customers. These find use in scientific, industrial, medical, environmental, energy, agri/food, security, semiconductor and space applications, with customers ranging from small high-tech companies to large industry actors like the European Space Agency, IBM and Airbus.

The cosine team is an international team of about 50 people, mostly physicists but also astronomers, chemists, aerospace engineers, computer scientists, and technicians, most with an academic degree and many with a PhD. Three dedicated teams work closely together to achieve the best possible results for their clients.

cosine office in Sassenheim, the Netherlands (image: cosine)

The three main business areas are:

High energy optics

cosine’s High Energy Optics business unit is world-leading in the development and delivery of X-ray optics and systems, including X-ray diffraction and imaging spectroscopy. It combines and applies knowledge about semiconductor processes, silicon, glass micro-pore optics technology and mass production to develop and produce light-weight, high-resolution X-ray optics. Applications range from space-based astrophysical applications to medical, semiconductor and material analysis systems used by industry and academia.

Remote sensing

Remote sensing is the challenging world that includes a broad range of techniques for observing an object or a phenomenon without having physical contact with it. cosine has experience with applications ranging from observing Earth’s atmosphere, water and land to planetary research, as well as inspection of objects on Earth. Cosine’s track record in planetary research includes space navigation instruments and suites of instruments to observe different aspects of the planets in our solar system.

The Remote Sensing business unit provides compact and smart solutions for accurate measurements from a distance. Based on its track record in space instruments, cosine developed HyperScout, a small high performance hyperspectral imager that is small enough to be used on CubeSats. This allows the use of a constellation of small instruments, rather than one large instrument, providing shorter revisit times at a lower cost for operational applications.

Inspection systems

In addition to space, cosine’s expertise in measurement systems is also widely used for ‘on-Earth’ challenges. The Inspection Systems business unit is a system integrator of measurement solutions for use in real-world applications in a wide variety of industries on Earth, combining high-end knowledge of physics, engineering skills and space expertise.

Examples of these applications include freshness monitoring for agricultural and food products, measurement and monitoring of health parameters in healthcare, and in-situ monitoring of environmental changes with the aim to increase the use or effectiveness of durable energy sources.


One of the key space instruments developed by cosine is ‘Hyperscout‘, the first ever miniaturized hyperspectral imager with its own brain. It is a hyperspectral camera made to fit satellites the size of a shoebox. It records images of what happens on Earth in many more colours than a human eye can distinguish.

The Hyperscout family (image: cosine)

In 2018 the first HyperScout 1 in space demonstrated that processing spectral imagery is possible while in orbit (without data downlink) and that changing and fine-tuning the camera’s intelligence with the newest algorithms made available by the brightest scientists on Earth can be a recurrent and safe action.

In 2020 the first HyperScout 2 in space demonstrated for the first time that not only visible and near-infrared hyperspectral bands, but also thermal bands and artificial intelligence hardware can be integrated into an instrument on a nanosatellite.

International expansion

At Space Tech Expo, in November 2022, cosine announced a further collaboration agreement with SAB Aerospace, expanding its offices in Benevento, Italy, and establishing new collaborations with Italian partners.

Cosine Remote Sensing has collaborations with multiple partners in Italy, such as SAB Aerospace and Tyvak International, as well as research groups at different universities in Naples, Pisa and at the National Research Council in Naples and Florence.

The new offices will be located in the centre of Benevento, next to SAB Aerospace, facilitating the two companies working together towards a more efficient collaboration.

Dr Marco Esposito, managing director of cosine Remote Sensing commented: “We are excited to be working from our new offices in Benevento, next to SAB, and we are looking forward to set up our new facilities.”

David Zucconi, Chief Executive Officer of SAB Aerospace added: “It is great news to hear about cosine’s new offices in Benevento, Italy. For sure, cosine will bring more value to the space business of the region. Thanks to the short distance, collaborating will be easier than ever. We cannot wait to see the new achievements we can reach in the future and we look forward to seeing them in Benevento.”


cosine is an innovative high tech company, with a dynamic and challenging working environment, and is always interested in applications ranging from excellent physicists with a strong technical interest to lab technicians with high standards. Cosine offers a career in a young and international team, working with highly skilled colleagues who have a wide range of knowledge and experience.

See the latest vacancies at this successful Dutch-European space company here.

Remco Timmermans

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