Water and Agriculture Webinar

 Water and Agriculture Webinar

The Water-ForCE Horizon 2020 project team invites you for its first webinar on Copernicus water services, with a focus on water and agriculture, on 26 January 2022, from 16:00 CET.

During this first webinar, we will be discussing water quality (run-off from agriculture, pollution of surface water for irrigation) and quantity of water (drought, extreme rainfall, groundwater level, soil moisture) to tackle the water and agriculture domains for the Copernicus Roadmap.

During this webinar you will have the opportunity to share your views to develop the water component for the future Copernicus services!


You can register for this event on the Water-ForCE website here:


  • Anne Gobin, VITO (GeoGLAM project and community)
  • Rafael Casielles, BioAzul, Water Europe WG Water and Sustainable Agrifood Systems
  • Joaquim Bellvert, Efficient Use of Water in Agriculture (IRTA)

About Water-ForCE

All six Copernicus Services (Atmosphere, Marine, Land, Climate Change, Security, Energy) deliver water and hydrology related services. However, the European Commission noticed that this way it is hard to get a comprehensive understanding of the global water cycle, there are gaps in water related products, there are certain aspects of duplication and it is hard for different user communities to find relevant Copernicus products. Therefore, the Horizon2020 Space Programme had a call for a Coordination and Support Action project: “Copernicus evolution: Mission exploitation concept for WATER” to find the best long-term mission concept.

The “Water scenarios For Copernicus Exploitation” (Water-ForCE) consortium proposed to develop a Roadmap for Copernicus water services. The Roadmap will provide a user and stakeholder driven concept for water services (water quantity, water quality, hydrological parameters, ice, snow, etc.), by assessing the existing and emerging needs, the opportunities presented by the current and future technical capabilities of satellite and in situ sensors, and addressing the current disconnects between remote sensing, in situ observations and modelling communities. Critically, the Roadmap will deliver the clarity required in relation to the needs and expectations of the core Copernicus mission by the public and private sectors and the wider research and business innovation opportunities.

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Mark your calendar for the second Water-ForCE webinar on 23 February 2022, which will focus on SDG6, clean water and sanitation. Registration will open soon!

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