Dutch cities transform into Mondriaan paintings

 Dutch cities transform into Mondriaan paintings

Remote sensing experts recently pitched the concept called ‘StedenDoek’ at the Copernicus Climate Smart City Hackethon in the city of Amersfoort.

Piet Mondriaan, one of Amersfoort’s famous historical residents, famous for his abstract paintings which contain horizontal and vertical lines filled with primary colors is the inspiration to come up with a plan to act on the climatological challenges Amersfoort is facing.

The initiators of this unique Urban Artwork want private parties to transform the roofs of Amersfoort into a dynamic Mondriaan painting when looking from space. Vegetation on the roofs will be in the colors blue yellow and red the primary colors of Mondriaan’s famous abstract art. White roofs (or cooling roofs) represent the white backdrops. The colour on the roofs will change over time.

By large scale transformation of roofs, the local climate of Amersfoort could significantly be improved for future generations. The team already made some prototyping tests based on Copernicus satellite images.

The benefits of green roofs include;

  • Lower peak of rainfall due to infiltration
  • Lower temperatures due to evaporation
  • Habitat for city wildlife
  • Lower energy consumption resulting from improved insulation
  • Aesthetics that lead to improved economic and social values of buildings and neighborhoods.

This urban artwork initiative will be operating as a platform to enforce the co-creation for a sustainable cities. And can contribute to the goals of the environmental goals of the city of Amersfoort.

“It’s our goal to have a climate-proof spatial design by 2050; and a city with the ability to function well if the climate changes.” Quote City councilor K.Kraanen

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