SKIES Warsaw: Career and Business Opportunities for PhD students

 SKIES Warsaw: Career and Business Opportunities for PhD students

Almost 30 Ph.D. students from various Polish institutes attended the SKIES (SKilled, Innovative, and Entrepreneurial Scientists) training in Warsaw, on 18-19 of May. The workshop was organised by the Polish Astronomical Society as a part of a SKIES EU project led by Leiden University.

The main topics discussed during the meeting were entrepreneurship, open science, innovation, career paths, career transfer, start-up acceleration, and creative business. The participants were also introduced to the best practices of job interview preparation, writing a CV, and creating a LinkedIn profile.

The training brought together many excellent speakers, including representatives of the entrepreneurial sector, university incubators, start-up accelerators, space agencies (POLSA, NASA), art & science sector, and astronomy alumni who followed a non-academic way.

The meeting took place in the HubHub coworking space, which gave an opportunity to take a look at every day start-up community work style.

According to both, the participants and the organisers, the workshop became a beneficial platform for sharing experiences and a good starting point for a mentoring programme.


Read more about the SKIES project here.

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Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

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