Space Expo Opens Exhibition: Earth from Space

 Space Expo Opens Exhibition: Earth from Space

Space Expo Noordwijk opened last month a new unique exhibition about Earth observation: Earth from Space – powered by ESA. In the interactive exhibition, visitors can discover what Earth observation satellites see and what we do with this data, thanks to a large globe, an altitude map of the Netherlands and a number of touch screens.

Space Expo Director Barbara Hoppel, ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher and ESA ESTEC Director Dietmar Pilz officially opened Earth from Space during the ESA ESTEC Open Day. Barbara Hoppel: ”Space Expo is enormously proud of this new exhibition. Earth from Space shows the importance of space travel and the fragility of our Earth.”

Unique and interactive

In terms of content, Earth from Space examines the most important applications of satellite data for our society and the global community, based on the themes ‘land’, ‘water’, ‘ice’ and ‘air’. For example: monitoring air quality, melting ice, precision agriculture and rising sea levels.

Visitors will learn all about the capabilities of Earth observation satellites, in particular the Sentinel satellites, which are part of the EU/ESA Copernicus programme. A key part is played by Sentinel-5P, which carries the Dutch satellite instrument Tropomi on board.

International collaboration

Earth from Space is based on ESA’s Phi-Experience (ESRIN, Italy) and has been developed into a museum version, suitable for all ages, in collaboration with Space Expo. ESA, DLR, ARS Electronica and Flink have contributed considerably to the Space Expo exhibition.

Images credit: Barteld de Jong

On the featured image: (from left to right) Dietmar Pilz, Barbara Hoppel and Josef Aschbacher

Source: Space Expo Noordwijk

Kacia Rutkoŭskaja

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