Call for Tender Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

 Call for Tender Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

credits: Kidman & Nicholson

The European Environment Agency (EEA) on 7 July published a call for tender as part of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS) for the production of the CLC+ Core and Provision of Complementary Consultancy Services. The deadline is 14 August and the contract value is EURO 3 100 000,=.

This call for tenders aims at the establishment of a framework service contract with a qualified economic operator for the production of the CLC+ Core, involving the performance of the following set of tasks:— design, detailed implementation of technical specifications and requirements from Annex 7 to the tender specifications;— staging, deployment and population of CLC+ Core;— services relating to operations and maintenance, content and data management, user support and further limited development of the CLC+ Core;— provision of ancillary consultancy and extended development services.

Further information, including the tender documents, can be found on TED or contact Linda van Duivenbode. supports and develops innovation projects in the space domain and can support you in identifying opportunities, searching for partners as well as proposal and project management.

Linda van Duivenbode

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