Earth Observation: Space for Ukraine

 Earth Observation: Space for Ukraine

From the first days of the invasion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, we have written about the possibilities of using satellite data technologies to support the people of Ukraine. This week marks three months since the beginning of the war. 

Space for Ukraine: the Latest News about Satellite Data Technology During the War

Restoring Connections: Starlink in Ukraine

One of the topics we keep an eye on is the work of Starlink in Ukraine. Satellite internet provided by Elon Musk’s SpaceX helps restore communication in damaged regions of Ukraine. A Starlink office opened in Ukraine last month.

An example of the fast work of the lifecell team, which established a base station [using Starlink] near the Gostomel village council to improve communication / via FEDOROV Telegram Channel

The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, constantly shares how mobile operators are restoring communication in the Kyiv region, through his social media channels.

Starlink is keeping Ukraine connected to the World

The Latest News about Starlink in Ukraine

150,000 Active Users and an Office in Ukraine – The Latest on Starlink in Ukraine

What is Happening with Starlink in Ukraine Now?

Observing Death from Space

Satellites continue to record the ongoing atrocities of the war. Ukrainian publications continue to report on the appearance of mass graves near areas of heavy fighting. Satellite images are often used as possible evidence of war crimes that may have happened here.

Mass grave in the city of Mariupol / Image credit: Radio Svoboda, Shemi. Source: Focus

Witnessing the Destruction of Mariupol from Space

Satellite images reveal the horrors of war

Eyes on Ukraine: Satellite observations of the war in cities

Upstream Wars

Earlier this month it was reported that Russia was behind a massive cyberattack against a satellite internet network that took tens of thousands of modems offline at the onset of the war, officials from the United States, Britain, Canada, Estonia and the European Union said on Tuesday.

A month ago it was reported that Russia is jamming GPS satellite signals in Ukraine. Recently, we wrote that Elon Musk stated that Starlink continues to resist cyberattacks from Russia.

Agriculture and Space

“”: Russian dry cargo ship Matros Pozynych is loaded with grain in the port of Sevastopol / Image credit: Phото: CNN / Maxar Technologies

The Ukrainian edition of, citing CNN, reports that a Russian ship had been spotted loading Ukrainian grain.

Meanwhile, the Guardian reports that wheat production in Ukraine is likely to be at least a third lower than in normal years, according to the analysis of satellite images of the country.

How Space May Help Save the 2022 Agriculture Season in Ukraine

How Can Space Help?

Image credit: EOS DATA ANALYTICS LinkedIn page

Shortly after the beginning of the war, EOS Data Analytics shared on their LinkedIn channel that they received numerous offers of support from the satellite technology community. EOS Data Analytics continues to urge businesses that can provide real-time SAR data and other satellite imagery capabilities to reach out to them.

Satellite Imagery Companies in Support of Ukraine

Recently, EOSDA signed a cooperation agreement with GEOSAT. EOSDA is a European EO satellite operator developing and delivering EO products in Ukraine and other regions of the World. The strategic partnership between EOSDA and GEOSAT 2 will contribute to the enhancement of Ukraine’s space intelligence capabilities and the improvement of quality space data collection.

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Space for Ukraine

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