New buyer group “AI image recognition and drones”

 New buyer group “AI image recognition and drones”

Together with the Dutch AI Coalition, Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre PIANOo is starting a new buyer group: “AI image recognition and drones”. In this buyer group, public organisations will investigate how they can purchase smart digital drone solutions. You can still register for participation.

The buyer group focuses specifically on applications of image recognition technology via drones . The buyer group concerns:

  • using AI technology in drone projects (for example for inspection or maintenance of objects, or scanning areas to obtain information);
  • joint exploration of relevant digital aspects, public values, regulations, data specifications and government innovation and purchasing processes;
  • and involving knowledge, expertise and the market.

Make the move together

buyer group is a group of clients with extra ambition. The goal is to discover and experience how AI technology and drones can be applied: which aspects and specifications are relevant, with the aim that public organizations will actually start purchasing. Joint tendering is not a goal, everyone can set their own pace.

Within the buyer group we organize sessions to make progress step-by-step. The participating organizations and the cases determine the process. Each session provides components for strategy and purchasing processes. The ambition is to arrive at a joint market vision. The approach is that participating organizations implement the vision and strategy in their procurement practice within two years.

Sign Up

Would you like to know more or participate? You can still register for participation!

Participation is free but not without obligation. The condition is that the organization has at least an ambition in the field of drones and AI image recognition, and intends to do something with the insights from the buyer group .

It is expected that this project will require about 2 to 4 hours per month per person. For the time being all meetings are online.

If you are interested, please send an email to and we will explore together how this process can be interesting.

De Buyer Group AI image recognition and drones is an initiative of the Dutch AI Coalition in collaboration with RVO / PIANOo. Joris Kruse and Rolf Zeldenrust supervise the buyer group.

Remco Timmermans

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