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Dutch AI Startup Landscape

The Dutch AI and Earth observation sectors show great overlap, as shown by the recently published Dutch AI Landscape and Netherlands Space Industry maps. At the recent virtual Swedish Innovation Days, the updated version of the European AI (Artificial Intelligence) landscape was presented. The first version of the landscape was launched at the end of […]Read More

Opportunities in Horizon Europe for Govsatcom, Quantum and AI

Join the webinar on opportunities in Horizon Europe for Govsatcom, Quantum Technologies and AI, organised with the Netherlands Space Office (NSO), this Monday 25 October 2021! Funding calls for the space sector In the webinar we will highlight a selection of Horizon Europe calls that will benefit from Govsatcom, Quantum Technologies and Artificial Intelligence data […]Read More

Worldfloods, AI for detecting floods from space

A new and better way to detect floods just got off the ground. An innovative artificial intelligence model, called “Worldfloods”, can relay flood information from space to disaster response teams below. Deployed on hardware as part of the “Wild Ride” mission launched by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 on June 30th, 2021, Worldfloods represents an important step […]Read More

New buyer group “AI image recognition and drones”

Together with the Dutch AI Coalition, Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre PIANOo is starting a new buyer group: “AI image recognition and drones”. In this buyer group, public organisations will investigate how they can purchase smart digital drone solutions. You can still register for participation. The buyer group focuses specifically on applications of image recognition technology via drones . The buyer group concerns: using AI technology in drone projects (for example for inspection or maintenance of objects, or […]Read More