ESA Starts phase 2 of TOMCAT

 ESA Starts phase 2 of TOMCAT

TNO Space expects to empower secure broadband network that will bolster the developing interest for information and increase communication efficiency. TNO has signed an agreement with ESA to demonstrate front line optical innovations for future terabit-per-second telecom satellites. 

The TOmCAT project (Terabit Optical Communication Adaptive Terminal) will empower high-throughput laser correspondence between ground stations and satellites. 

This project is Phase 2 of TOmCAT, which began in 2017. It unites key players in the Space and High-Tech ventures, including: TNO, Airbus Defense and Space Netherlands, FSO Instruments (consortium accomplice Demcon), Hittech Multin (NL), Celestia-STS (NL), MPB Communications (CA), Airbus DS SAS (FR) and Eutelsat (FR), SES (LU). 

TOmCAT is a co-financed action in which TNO, the organizations in question, the Canadian Space Agency and the Netherlands Space Office contribute through the ESAs ARTES Strategic Program Line ScyLight.

for more information contact TNO, Niels Truyens

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