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The truth of satellite data in information wars

As we research and post information about the role of satellite data in the war in Ukraine, we at Groundstation.Space become part of the discussion about the reliability and non-bias of our information. We are very aware of the fact that this war is as much an information war as it is a physical invasion […]Read More

Support Ukraine’s Defence from Space

From the moment Russian troops began building up along the Russia-Ukraine border, satellites have been playing a critical role in providing intelligence to military and media alike. With the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops a few days ago, this intelligence from space has quickly turned into one of the few unbiased sources of information. […]Read More

Satellite data resources for investigative journalism

Wildfires, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, mass evacuations from cities and countries, illegal forestry and fishing, war damage, ships stuck in critical waterways… We have all seen many examples of disasters from space. Many of these stories come from investigative journalism using images from space. Investigative Journalism Call: Support Ukraine’s Defence from Space Images from satellites […]Read More

New Network Gives Airtime to Earth

Climate change challenges the future and forces us to think about how we want to live. More than an environmental problem, climate change is a break from old thinking. This old thinking is currently ubiquitous in what we see and hear on a daily basis, in particular in the traditional public media offering. Therefore, a […]Read More