Space Wisdom for Smart Cities

 Space Wisdom for Smart Cities

Delivering high tech solutions to support cities’ resilience and sustainability

15 October 2020, 13:00 – 14:30 (invite only online event)

The session “Space Wisdom for Smart Cities” is an initiative by Ideas from Europe (run by the Sustainable Scale-Up Foundation) and (run by dotSPACE Foundation), supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The aim is to:

1. bring together the worlds of satellite data / applications and smart cities in an open discussion to investigate opportunities and constraints.

2. discuss and decide on a national Space for Cities / Geospatial Cities initiative. In this way, can we strengthen the role of the NL Space Campus and the Dutch application developers in European programmes? Can we create a smart city pilot environment that goes beyond individual city experiments as part of a (national) smart city strategy?

For whom

This is an invite-only session. If you’re interested to participate or learn about the outcome you can follow our “Venture to Impact” session on Friday 16 October at 16:00 hours or contact linda.van.duivenbode[at]


Francesca del Monaco, Project Manager, Viasat; Judith Borsboom, Director, Locality and cluster manager European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities; Esther Peters, Director, NL Space Campus; Martijn Leinweber, COO, Space Business Innovation Centre; Alwin Bakker, CEO, The Future Mobility Network; Jacobine de Zwaan, Advisor Smart Cities, NL Enterprise Agency; Joris Kruse, Director Innovation, dotSPACE; Martijn Seijger, General Director, dotSPACE. Host: Linda van Duivenbode, Ideas from Europe.


In 2017, Eurisy started the Space for Cities initiative, promoting the use of satellite applications to make cities healthier, cleaner and more efficient. Eurisy also leads the Geospatial Cities initiative within the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC). Despite investments by ESA, the EC (through e.g. Copernicus and Horizon 2020) and national governments, the (expected) development and uptake of operational satellite applications is lagging. According to Eurisy, satellite-based services are considered “innovation” rather than “practice”. The space sector and its providers see a benefit in the objective information on soil, air, vegetation, and assets and its monitoring and comparison over time. City officials, who need to develop and implement policy, apparently do not see this value (yet). On 27 October, Eurisy organises the online workshop: “Space for cities: from innovation to operation” with registration now open.

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